Scott Miskolzie (Scottie)

Scott Miskolzie is a self-taught visual artist. He started painting to release his creative energy during frigid prairie winters. His art started with one liners – drawings in which his paintbrush never left the canvas. He found the vibrant colour pallet that he uses while he lived Mexico for a short time. Scott enjoys growing and sharing with other artists through collaborations. One of these collaborations, a short film called “Jet Skybox”, won The Best Media Art for Young Audiences in the 2017 Got a Minute Film Festival in Edmonton, Alberta. Scott was the subject of the film and show cased him completing a painting from start to finish in stop motion. This Edmonton former hip-hop artist’s aesthetic is inspired by hip hop, punk, skateboarding, and graffiti influences. Due to his irreverent yet innocent playful style Scott has developed a solid Edmonton fan base. Individuals and businesses have commissioned his work to display in offices, outdoor murals, children’s rooms, living rooms, and nightclubs.