Melanie Wells

I’m a self-taught artist born on Vancouver Island and raised in Edmonton since I was a baby. I consider Alberta my home and I feel blessed to live in this beautiful province and country. My whole life I’ve being drawn to nature and animals, from the ones I found in my back yard to the ones I read about in books. When I first started using pastels, I found myself doing a lot of animals because to me they were just so beautiful and capturing that beauty challenged me.

Although I create a wide range of art including more personal abstract pieces and portraits, animals and nature scenes make up a lot of my work. Using my hands through the process helps me to feel connected to the pieces I make. The eyes are one of the key areas for me and a picture is never done unless I’m happy with the eyes. I am very fond of layering colour over colour again and again along with smudging various shades together, using my nails to create texture, dabbing at the paper with a pastel directly and doing just about anything to get the piece the way I want. It is moments like this with pastel smeared up my arms and buried under my fingers that I am truly at peace.

Some of my pictures are based on my photographs from my walks around the city and other areas with friends. My other passions include music, poetry and writing, reading, exploring and seeing new things, and, of course, my family and friends