Brian Ferguson

Brian’s fascination with shape, texture and the translucence of watercolour has led him from creating classic landscapes to making creative and eye-catching abstract works. He has been painting for over 25 years and has taught dozens of students the basics of watercolour, as well as illustration skills while teaching for Edmonton Public Schools. Brian believes that everyone has art ability. Its just a matter of experimenting with different techniques and materials until a match is found.

Brian Ferguson works in both watercolour and acrylic paints. His watercolour abstracts showcase a pouring technique whereby paint is poured from small jars and moved about the paper. Each colour is left to dry individually before pouring the next “glaze.” As the layers continue, careful attention is given to the ongoing composition; positive and negative space and colour relationships. Brian’s mixed media pieces begin with watercolour underglazes to provide depth. Acrylic paint is then added to set the colour palette of the piece, as well as to provide texture. Both types of paintings are being shown at R Studio and have been featured at the Edmonton Art Walk and various public art venues.

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